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Road construction sucks - leaving 5 minutes early for work only served to make me 5 minutes late (copyright 2008, all 4 mid-sized construction zones I had to drive through to navigate the 28 miles from Mineral Point to Mt. Horeb)
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Thanksgiving dinner was mellow. Going with a big chicken (for the second year in a row) instead of turkey was a smart, meaty move, as was foregoing stuffing.

The day after, not so much Read more... )
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Back to hating my (short-staffed, wondering where the other people who aren't trying to weasel out of work went) job again...
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Sleep deprivation is real, and I just had an encounter with it in the form of a customer who clearly needed to get some sleep before the 40 minutes of DSL support hell I just hung up from even had a chance to occur...
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I've been feeling very cranky as of late... like it's taking less and less to irritate me, and the sources of the irritation are people and places that used to bring me joy.

Truth be told, there's also one thing involved (my job) that hasn't always brought me much joy, but I still feel that this shouldn't be bothering me as much as I've let it.
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A few hours ago, I got grief from my boss for trying to rig additional network access to my iBook at the office in a way that would give a certain other manager more ammunition with which to club both of us over the head.

As it turns out, I hid the CAT5 cable (50 feet of it running from my cubicle to the next) and got out of there a second ahead of the Smelly Beast ("SB")'s regular patrol of the Tech Support area. SB is ticked because of a couple of occasions where she caught me shouting obscenities (with the MUTE button on, mind you. As if it mattered; SB's daughter's office is within earshot, so I got busted... frequently.); nonetheless, they were waiting for a bigger blowup - which I provided in June of last year, when I airmailed one of the dress Fluevogs into a wall during a call with an especially abusive customer. Since then, I (and my entire department, since SB can't stand that we don't report to her) have been on a watch for bad behavior and misappropriation of company resources. Needless to say, any MP3's and such come with me, and typically leave with me at the end of the day).

Took a walk at lunchtime (in 91-degree heat... OUCH!), and that calmed me down a bit. Nonetheless, the Mary Kay-esque stench that straightens my frizzy neck hairs looms in the distance...
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I work for a company where one anal-retentive longtime manager has made everyone's job difficult (and the bitch isn't even MY manager!)
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Yesterday we went to the last brunch at Miners' Point, then into Madison for the WORT Block Party (nice vibe; all the guys in sandals weren't too bad to look at.), and then roller derby to top off the day (Our friend Heidi's team lost the consolation match - Oh, well...)

Today... it was just a quieter workday than usual, nothing more.

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Another potluck tonight - this one for John ex-boyfriend Greg's birthday. John begged me to help him think of something "we" would bring, and I almost started laughing on the spot.

I guess that I sometimes think it's okay to leech (especially since I overcompensated by nearly tripling the dessert total at Beltane by myself), and I just wanted to not have to think about another dish (especially since the cabal decided on a Mexican theme for tonight, and I don't have enough time at this point to plan something from the office - I had to come into work today.).


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