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Is it more important to be passionate or cool and relaxed?
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I just feel like I get taken through some shit at times... challenged on a level I wasn't expecting when I woke up that particular morning. On those days, I take making it to bed in a place other than an alley or a jail as a victory.

Now, honestly there were some achievements today - the day at work began with me successfully programming a full set of cable remotes properly on the first attempt.

BUt there's also the memory of my final call of the day - damn near losing a customer's email through complete stubbornness!

This evening, John talked me into attending a debate on gay marriage... and I felt some heat all over the audience, and in me, too. It took a lot not to slide out of one of those Fluevogs and hurl it at the "gentleman" representing Focus on (Fucking Over) the Family - and by the way, I can now say that I have seen a haarrrrrrd right-winger wearing Birkenstocks (taupe suede Bostons, if you cared)! I can think of a few images more unsettling than that one... but for someone who watches politics and men's shoes, that was one I could've done without. The fact that he sounded like he was whining all throughout his speaking, trying to obscure or just shout down salient points by the other debater (and looked like a lesbian college professor, although the actual lesbian college professors in the theater probably wanted to beat him down about 15 minutes in) was equally unwelcome.
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Life is hard work! There, I said it.

Trying to start getting to sleep earlier again (after getting amild chewing-out by my boss for a month or so of frequent lateness; he won't write me up, but he made it clear that getting my shit together in general wouldn't hurt!), and adjusting to trading off some responsibilities in exchange for others. As if I needed another reminder that I need to plan ahead on a regular basis...

In better news, a writer friend that I had lost contact with until I found a copy of a book of his over the summer finally replied to my email (If you're reading, thanks Kirk! I'll get back to you soon.)
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Pilot error resulted in the first significant scratch on the Matrix at lunchtime today (pulled in too close to the curb in front of Exclusive Company on Madison's west side) ... Oh well!

While I was at Exclusive, picked up the new Kanye West CD and a CD by a chick named Leela James who has an "old soul" voice and then some (sweet cover of No Doubt's "Don't Speak"). Almost went to Target instead to get the CDs and a pedometer (per the recommendation of John S., with whom I had a productive impromptu chat last night regarding health matters)

We got a friend's old bed moved in over the weekend, complete with memory foam, and I have to admit that I'm starting to look forward to sleeping at night.
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I'm trying to be as patient and persistent as I can be with the exercise/diet thing (and discovering new tricks for the kitchen and the market - There are these remarkable edibles called fruits and vegetables that I've just been sleeping on for the longest!). Snacking has actually become less guilt-inducing, and more frequent, since baby carrots, cantaloupes, and the occasional sugar-free candy have replaced Little Debbie (That fuckin' skank!).

Watched a DVD of "Bulworth" last night with John. To think that I underestimated Warren Beatty's talent and MAD SKILZ all those years!
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When I got back from lunch, I think I may have walked into the middle of a conversation between my supervisor and the general manager that maybe I shouldn't have been present for. It may not have directly involved me at all, but let's just say it was a workplace subject that had me rattled at the mere mention.

But enough about that. John and I had some quite alright times (despite a couple of petty, loud arguments) at the Gay Pride March in Chicago (where they actually let the politicians march before the Dykes on Bikes - can you say "sacrilege," boys and girls? Anyway, we got to have breakfast with John's beautiful, young friend Sean, and that alone was worth the trip!) and Summerfest in Milwaukee (Robert Randolph and the Family Band tore up a side stage on July 4th!! All that skill, and he's a Mets fan, too.). Add the Men's Festival to that formula, and it could actually be a nice summer for a change...

I still can't believe a took a 30-minute walk along the bike trail in these bitch-heel (practically!) shoes!
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Left a message for Mark this morning; I feel like a stinker that I let weeks go by between conversations with him - he's an awesome lover, and a generally good guy (even with the tendency toward paranoia - after all, we all go there sometimes). I just don't need a sermon on why I should consider changing my diet as drastically as he's been planning to.

Granted, I have given some consideration to trimming the meat intake somewhat. Vegan, however, is just not a place I want to go - I like steak and milkshakes too much for that! (Speaking of vegetables, we warmed up the sweet potato fries from the other night at Chandler's on the grill last night as a side. They were still awesome!)

Also, today would have been my father's 72nd birthday.  I couldn't stand how he did us kids (or my mom) sometimes, but I loved him, and I miss him.


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