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Enough about Rick Warren's crazy, petty ass already!

I'd much prefer to concentrate on the much gay-friendlier (OK, maybe overall-human-friendlier, given his long history) Christian minister giving the closing benediction of the U.S. presidential inaguration..

I look at it as akin to "Point/Counterpoint" from the early years of Saturday Night Live - "Rick, you ignorant slut."

Also, if enough of us are pissed like that, maybe it'll motivate some more work at the grassroots again on the subject of GLBTQ/etc. freedom as a whole ... not just a bullshit wedding ring.
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Before Don Imus was talking smack about "nappy-headed hoes," there was Marge... and the rest of those ... unique ... Bouvier women (Speaking of which, have they ever had Marge's father in the show?).
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My lone regret is that this is not a real Carls Jr. ad...

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Believe it or not, I still miss Friday the 13th: The Series...
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Support World AIDS Day

In a fair hunk of the world, it's already December 1st, so what better time to remind you all that AIDS is still a real thing that can drastically change the direction of your health, if not your life as a whole (medications be damned!). Remember this, and support those entities near and far that are working to make HIV/AIDS/related conditions a thing of the past.

Thank you, and if no one else tells you they love you today, I love you all.
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(courtesy of [ profile] detailbear via others)

Go to Yahoo Answers and copy some of the random questions found there.  Then put your music device or music program on shuffle and use the songs that come up as answers. Cheating is... whatever you decide, apparently.

How would you draw fear?
Proceed (The Roots)

Is tourism in Castleton sustainable ?
A Long Walk (Jill Scott)

How can you get a cat to lose weight?
Shake-A-Puddin' (Dub Narcotic Sound System)

Why do people think suicide is a selfish act?
The Look of Love (Dusty Springfield)

1 month old calf has bald spots?
Call Me (Tweet)

I am just very sceptic I will ever be happy ?
Pull Yourself Together (Buddy Miles)

How early can cats go into heat?
Gotta Man (Eve)

What are " shady shady ladies" ?
Saved The Day (Sunshine Anderson)

This poem is cool. What is your opinion on it?
Optimistic (The Sounds of Blackness)

Should I be worried about this cough?
Power of Love (Deee-Lite)
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(ganked from [ profile] what if he's Canadian?)

US officials flunk test of American history, economics, civics

If you're curious how you (United Statesian or otherwise) would do, the quiz itself is here. I scored 81.82 percent (27 out of 33 questions correct) myself.
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comedienne Wanda Sykes on gay marriage...

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One of the joys of being a child in New York in the 1970s portion of the Television Age. And according to this article, it's now out on DVD.
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Happy Birthday to Josh [ profile] jss1113!! I hope it's a better-than-average day where you're at.
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Enter Stumbling.
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A strangé story from the United Kingdom for your Tuesday, ganked from [ profile] pretzelcoatl...

Disabled woman "banned" from store
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The following courtesy of [ profile] kittikattie - with whom I generally agree that race-baiting at this (or any) stage in the game is unacceptable...

Stop blaming PoC for Cali's Prop 8

Not even two days later, and people are blaming Prop 8's passing on PoC.

Other people are saying it, and since I can't say it well, have their links. (continued here...)
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My, my, my...

(Thank you [ profile] arthole for bringing this to my attention...)
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City of Mineral Point, Ward 3, voter number 16 this morning at about 7:12am Central Standard Time...

Here's hoping your experience was as swift - and fulfilling - as mine (at least fulfilling...)
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One more day...

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