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Rajan Zed, you survived some Great American Bullshit (heretofore known as the American "Family" Association). Despite different faiths, you are extremely worthy of my respect for that reason alone!

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Fuck you and good riddance, Jerry Falwell!

It's just too bad you couldn't take some of your foollowers (misspelling intentional) wit' ya.
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The word "bittersweet" comes to mind on so many levels after Tuesday's vote here in Wisconsin. I'm glad a few more Democrats (incl. at least one new state Assembly member I hadn't planned on - YAY STEVE HILGENBERG FOR "THAWING" STEVE FREESE!!) got in, but another marriage amendment passes (It passed in Iowa County, where I currently live and vote, by 126 votes)...

As somebody who's lived in a few places, and was kinda ready to outstay my 4-year average, now I'm wondering why I should bother. I know John feels the same (Hell, he's only lived in this state 30 years, and been a homeowner for 28 of those years!! But he sucks dick -- usually mine-- so he and I are persona non grata in terms of having even minor legal protection for our relationship without jumping legal hoops last seen at Sea World.). Not that we were feeling marriage OR anything equivalent (Watching my parents up close during my childhood cured me of ever wanting as much as a stray hair from a marriage, thank you very much.), but to have such a healthy (not quite 60 percent) portion of the voters in the state where you earn your money and sleep most nights tell you that your preferred type of primary personal relationship is nothing hurts like hell!!

Legal challenges will follow, and I'll keep watching... whether I'll still be living in Wisconsin by the time there's a resolution remains to be seen, however.

I want to vomit (but at least I don't want quite so much to hurl a brick at anyone today - that said, folks with "One Man, One Woman"-type stickers on their cars had still better be careful...).
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Well, the most repressive measure I have seen yet regarding the legal recognition of same-gender relationships is now an Assembly vote away from the ballot boxes here in Wisconsin - and regrettably, I can't say I'm all that surprised by yesterday's State Senate vote (I must say that Iwassurprised by the two Democratic senators that had to be swayed at the last second to vote against it.).

To my fellow Wisconsin people: I strongly encourage you to harass your Assembly memberbetween now and their vote on the constitutional amendment (likely sometime between now and March) - and encourage your neighbors to do likewise.

As someone who lives in the senate and assembly districts of two co-sponsors of this particular piece of toilet paper (Senator Dale Schultz and Rep. Stephen Freese - neither of whom seem willing to let common sense and the fact that they have vocal constituents who consider this legislation to be little more than mean-spirited at best get in the way of Republican party supremacy), I want it to be known that I want NO PART of allowing an abridgement of anyone's rights to be written into a state or federal constitution.

To everyone: Does anyone else seeing this feel the same way I do (NAMELY: insulted)?

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I just feel like I get taken through some shit at times... challenged on a level I wasn't expecting when I woke up that particular morning. On those days, I take making it to bed in a place other than an alley or a jail as a victory.

Now, honestly there were some achievements today - the day at work began with me successfully programming a full set of cable remotes properly on the first attempt.

BUt there's also the memory of my final call of the day - damn near losing a customer's email through complete stubbornness!

This evening, John talked me into attending a debate on gay marriage... and I felt some heat all over the audience, and in me, too. It took a lot not to slide out of one of those Fluevogs and hurl it at the "gentleman" representing Focus on (Fucking Over) the Family - and by the way, I can now say that I have seen a haarrrrrrd right-winger wearing Birkenstocks (taupe suede Bostons, if you cared)! I can think of a few images more unsettling than that one... but for someone who watches politics and men's shoes, that was one I could've done without. The fact that he sounded like he was whining all throughout his speaking, trying to obscure or just shout down salient points by the other debater (and looked like a lesbian college professor, although the actual lesbian college professors in the theater probably wanted to beat him down about 15 minutes in) was equally unwelcome.


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