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Seen on the TWiT Live chatroom this afternoon...

"Microsoft is like a pole dancer. You pay a considerable amount of money to get teased, but never get what you really want."
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Purchased iLife 05 and a Targus Podium Coolpad for my iBook at CompUSA today - I think I could learn to like not having to crouch down so much when I type.

Dave called (thankfully after "Desperate Housewives" was over), and we had a heart-reaching little talk about colds and home maintenance; basically, he feels like I do on the leaky roof situation - that something has to be done before too long, or else I should sell John on the idea of selling the house. Also, we agreed on the feeling that trying to do all that is necessary to get needs met is a trip!!
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A few hours ago, I got grief from my boss for trying to rig additional network access to my iBook at the office in a way that would give a certain other manager more ammunition with which to club both of us over the head.

As it turns out, I hid the CAT5 cable (50 feet of it running from my cubicle to the next) and got out of there a second ahead of the Smelly Beast ("SB")'s regular patrol of the Tech Support area. SB is ticked because of a couple of occasions where she caught me shouting obscenities (with the MUTE button on, mind you. As if it mattered; SB's daughter's office is within earshot, so I got busted... frequently.); nonetheless, they were waiting for a bigger blowup - which I provided in June of last year, when I airmailed one of the dress Fluevogs into a wall during a call with an especially abusive customer. Since then, I (and my entire department, since SB can't stand that we don't report to her) have been on a watch for bad behavior and misappropriation of company resources. Needless to say, any MP3's and such come with me, and typically leave with me at the end of the day).

Took a walk at lunchtime (in 91-degree heat... OUCH!), and that calmed me down a bit. Nonetheless, the Mary Kay-esque stench that straightens my frizzy neck hairs looms in the distance...
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I'm just sitting here in the buff, working away at my iBook until the battery warning comes up on the screen.
It got to 90 here today!! I totally wasn't ready for 90 degrees!!
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This has been a wonderful little trip - wonderful getting down here (and getting John down here as well, since he hadn't been on a commercial flight since 1974, y'all), and very wonderful seeing Susan's beautiful new house and grounds, and meeting her daughter Sarah and her family. I think Susan will really like the iMac G5 she bought (on our advice) on Saturday, and it was fun helping her get acquainted.

Franklin Street in Chapel Hill is a cool little place to spend some time; I've got to plan another trip down here to see more of the area, and maybe a side trip to the beaches as well.).

Flipping channels this morning, I caught a local Raleigh anchorman named Bill Leslie, who I intend on having verrry dirty thoughts about for at least a week.

Too bad John and I are flying back to Wisconsin in a few hours...

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My iBook has new life to it! I so (heart) Tiger now.

John finally roped me into dinner at Chandler's here in Point. I had fried chicken, he had prime rib, his friend Ryan had chicken fingers, and we all gorged (so much so that I had to take home a bowlful of sweet potato fries in a doggie bag).

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Reinstalled OS X Tiger last night, making sure to set the file system as OS X Extended this time (as some apps don't play well with Unix File System). So far, so good - I was able to load Stuffit Expander, and it hasn't stalled on startup.

Tried a new sleep mask last night - it was louder than the one I've been using, and the nasal pillows nearly tore my nostrils apart, but I seem to have slept no worse. John was very frisky this morning, and I kinda liked it.


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