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HIV and AIDS aren't ALWAYS killers anymore, but they compromise lives on many levels STILL. Love safely, and live boldly, yall...
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HIV is still a real thing out there... so CONTINUE to respect yourselves, and protect yourselves any reasonable way you can. Negative or positive, we're not ready to lose y'all yet!
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Support World AIDS Day

In a fair hunk of the world, it's already December 1st, so what better time to remind you all that AIDS is still a real thing that can drastically change the direction of your health, if not your life as a whole (medications be damned!). Remember this, and support those entities near and far that are working to make HIV/AIDS/related conditions a thing of the past.

Thank you, and if no one else tells you they love you today, I love you all.
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Support World AIDS Day

AIDS is still killing people on this planet (and complicating the lives of many, many others)!
Please take a few seconds today to meditate/pray/otherwise consider all the human promise that HIV/AIDS has snatched from us, regardless of any individual's choices.

...and get yourself tested if you think you've done something sexual that gives you pause months after the fact.
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Cefnogwch diwrnod AIDS y byd

Again, we are all too, too, TOO beautiful to let HIV wreak havoc on our lives (whether we're infected with it or not). Protect yourselves...
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Support World AIDS Day

Live (happily and healthily, and protect yourself whenever you can!)
Love (safely, responsibly and respectfully whenever you can!)
Life (with care and joy - because your presence in this life really does affects so many others!)


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