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Home from the Jeopardy trip, and the afterglow is STILL epic. My episode drops January 22, 2016, for the record...
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I won't be in the crowd this year, but I have to recommend (to any southern Wisconsin readers/passin'-thru folks) this easy side trip from Madison et. al (about 90 minutes each way) via US 151 for a pleasant midsummer Saturday evening (or, at worst, a kick-ass fireworks display that a friend of mine helps out with; let's just say that he wouldn't mind seeing some of the "cool kids" in attendance.).

More Rewey goodness here...

Intending to crosspost to [ profile] madisonwi
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Seven more days until my Men's Festival trip!
The mere writing of that first sentence has upped my mood considerably, as has the return of John's friend Susan to southwest Wisconsin, albeit temporarily (She's the sweet soul with whom John and I spent Memorial Day weekend on her new spread in North Carolina. She's taking care of some business related to the quickly-closing Wisconsin chapter of her life, and also visiting for a very special fireworks display this coming weekend in the nearby town of Rewey, Wisconsin.)

Got the refrigerant recharged for my car's air conditioner today, and got a moderate increase in the effectiveness - it seems the compressor might be on its last legs. Lovely.

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This has been a wonderful little trip - wonderful getting down here (and getting John down here as well, since he hadn't been on a commercial flight since 1974, y'all), and very wonderful seeing Susan's beautiful new house and grounds, and meeting her daughter Sarah and her family. I think Susan will really like the iMac G5 she bought (on our advice) on Saturday, and it was fun helping her get acquainted.

Franklin Street in Chapel Hill is a cool little place to spend some time; I've got to plan another trip down here to see more of the area, and maybe a side trip to the beaches as well.).

Flipping channels this morning, I caught a local Raleigh anchorman named Bill Leslie, who I intend on having verrry dirty thoughts about for at least a week.

Too bad John and I are flying back to Wisconsin in a few hours...

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John got me up too early, but seeing the tall pines and beeches (NOT TO MENTION THE KRISPY KREME DONUTS... MMMMM) was worth it. I needed to get out of the Uplands for a few days, so here we are just off "Tobacco Road" visiting our friend Susan.

Still haven't said much to John about reopening the relationship, and I'm in no special rush - partially because no one else has bowled me over with a proposition.

I forgot how pretty North Carolina can be in the spring.

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I hate packing for a trip...

All the planning (paperwork, keys, ID)...

Remembering that Nana was tight when she said you should start two days ahead, at least (which would be today, naturally, in this case)...

Figuring out which luggage works best (I bought new luggage last week at Target, so there'll be a "fresh meat" factor at least.)...

Trying to calm down my traveling companion...

...and most importantly, figuring out what shoes to bring.


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