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Of course, I write about dealing with a customer who needed some sleep, and then I get no sleep that same night (Tuesday). It was awful, and I was awful to John - saying some things that I quickly regretted because my brain was in such an oxygen-deficient state of shock from the humidity that was still in the air, even with the dropping temperatures relative to the previous few days.

Called in sick yesterday (because most of my upper body was in screaming pain, and I really needed some sleep - go figure! - and got it eventually.), which ended up having the positive effect of giving me some time to unpack some more stuff from storage into the new bathroom.

I also finally got to use the sweet-if-compact new bathtub with jets and thangs built into it last night, accounting for the much improved sleep of last night and today's not-so-stiff neck and not-so-sour stomach.
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Sleep deprivation is real, and I just had an encounter with it in the form of a customer who clearly needed to get some sleep before the 40 minutes of DSL support hell I just hung up from even had a chance to occur...
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The walls on the bathroom, kitchen, and "family room" have been drywalled and base-coated finally! We painted the bathroom last night - a color called "Azure Mist" (Big ol' bone to pick with John for going to Sprawl-Mart to purchase it, BTW.) that looks a lot like plain-old sky blue to me. BTW, one can of latex paint no longer goes quite as far as it used to in one compact space, as we scrambled to get those last little dips and drops of paint on by the end...

Anyway, working up that sweat eventually led to the best night of sleep I've had this week, given the humidity and such ( Not having laundry blocking part of the AC filter helped, too.). As a result, I'm in a somewhat good mood this morning, helped further by an instant-message session with my sister, with news that my nephew is still in one piece over in Baghdad - Hope/pray/what that it stays that way, because it's an escalating hot-ass mess over there of late if what "news" I've been following is any indication.
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Pilot error resulted in the first significant scratch on the Matrix at lunchtime today (pulled in too close to the curb in front of Exclusive Company on Madison's west side) ... Oh well!

While I was at Exclusive, picked up the new Kanye West CD and a CD by a chick named Leela James who has an "old soul" voice and then some (sweet cover of No Doubt's "Don't Speak"). Almost went to Target instead to get the CDs and a pedometer (per the recommendation of John S., with whom I had a productive impromptu chat last night regarding health matters)

We got a friend's old bed moved in over the weekend, complete with memory foam, and I have to admit that I'm starting to look forward to sleeping at night.
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Reinstalled OS X Tiger last night, making sure to set the file system as OS X Extended this time (as some apps don't play well with Unix File System). So far, so good - I was able to load Stuffit Expander, and it hasn't stalled on startup.

Tried a new sleep mask last night - it was louder than the one I've been using, and the nasal pillows nearly tore my nostrils apart, but I seem to have slept no worse. John was very frisky this morning, and I kinda liked it.


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