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Thanksgiving dinner was mellow. Going with a big chicken (for the second year in a row) instead of turkey was a smart, meaty move, as was foregoing stuffing.

The day after, not so much Read more... )
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I talk too much when I clearly don't need to (during sex, especially - that could be part of why I no longer enjoy it so much).
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Date cancelled tonight with a potential playmate... Oh well.

At least my chiropractor gave me the hookup before I drove home... just as good a feeling of "body work," in my opinion.


Jul. 21st, 2005 09:02 am
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"I will expand the little bubble of my joy. I will keep puffing at it with the breath of my concentration until it spreads all over my face, into my heart, throughout my entire body and mind, and over the Ocean of Infinity that is hidden in my consciousness."

I guess that describes how I feel on this first full morning of my Midwest Men's Festival. John and I arrived yesterday afternoon around 4:00 after 9-1/2 hot hours in my poorly air-conditioned Ford Escort. Both of our iPods were a decent distraction from the water weight lost on the trip.

Almost as soon as we arrived, the love and admiration hit to the point of being overwhelming at times. It turns out that a request I made was going to be answered, if the smiles of (I won't mention names just yet) when we first laid eyes on each other were any indication. I think a good time might be had. Falling asleep once the temperatures dropped suitably was less of a problem than I thought given the humidity (even though I didn't reach the tent until 12:30 or so).

Today began with John sucking and groping major parts of me, after which I went back to sleep, baking as the sun became more prominent and the temperature incrementally rose along. I'm up now, after having read part of another chapter of Augusten Burrows Dry: A Memoir - funny book so far, in a way that the word "tragicomic" was made for - and now I'm about to get up and toilet, shower, and whatever else comes up.
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How do I end the week I decide to reduce my coffee intake?read more )


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