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(courtesy of [ profile] detailbear via others)

Go to Yahoo Answers and copy some of the random questions found there.  Then put your music device or music program on shuffle and use the songs that come up as answers. Cheating is... whatever you decide, apparently.

How would you draw fear?
Proceed (The Roots)

Is tourism in Castleton sustainable ?
A Long Walk (Jill Scott)

How can you get a cat to lose weight?
Shake-A-Puddin' (Dub Narcotic Sound System)

Why do people think suicide is a selfish act?
The Look of Love (Dusty Springfield)

1 month old calf has bald spots?
Call Me (Tweet)

I am just very sceptic I will ever be happy ?
Pull Yourself Together (Buddy Miles)

How early can cats go into heat?
Gotta Man (Eve)

What are " shady shady ladies" ?
Saved The Day (Sunshine Anderson)

This poem is cool. What is your opinion on it?
Optimistic (The Sounds of Blackness)

Should I be worried about this cough?
Power of Love (Deee-Lite)
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A man who'd been making the beginning of my workdays sound that little bit better has left us. Read more... )
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Thanksgiving dinner was mellow. Going with a big chicken (for the second year in a row) instead of turkey was a smart, meaty move, as was foregoing stuffing.

The day after, not so much Read more... )
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(That felt better.)
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I understand that the forces of nature are as unpredictable as they come, but I still find remarkable all of the missteps in infrastructure planning that occurred that (akin to dominoes or something similar) landed on the people of the Gulf South region last week when Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding tore through. I am also disturbed by having to watch this turn into an opportunity to bash (mostly) poor, (mostly) brown-to-blue-black folks who had not much to begin with, and are now refugees within their own nation, for lack of a more adequate term.

I am also annoyed by the fact that my boyfriend has started every morning of this holiday weekend by breaking all his New Orleans music and putting it on blast when (for once) I wanted some peace and quiet after a week of media-induced noise pollution that has clearly affected my brain somehow. I love this music, but right now I'd rather hear nothing at all (especially since it only makes me think of all the New Orleans musicians whose homes and favored venues are now trashed for all time!).

If he's trying to even the score before football season hits full stride (and I'm sure to have game after game after game on blast on more than a few weekends), he has succeeded.

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Pilot error resulted in the first significant scratch on the Matrix at lunchtime today (pulled in too close to the curb in front of Exclusive Company on Madison's west side) ... Oh well!

While I was at Exclusive, picked up the new Kanye West CD and a CD by a chick named Leela James who has an "old soul" voice and then some (sweet cover of No Doubt's "Don't Speak"). Almost went to Target instead to get the CDs and a pedometer (per the recommendation of John S., with whom I had a productive impromptu chat last night regarding health matters)

We got a friend's old bed moved in over the weekend, complete with memory foam, and I have to admit that I'm starting to look forward to sleeping at night.
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When I got back from lunch, I think I may have walked into the middle of a conversation between my supervisor and the general manager that maybe I shouldn't have been present for. It may not have directly involved me at all, but let's just say it was a workplace subject that had me rattled at the mere mention.

But enough about that. John and I had some quite alright times (despite a couple of petty, loud arguments) at the Gay Pride March in Chicago (where they actually let the politicians march before the Dykes on Bikes - can you say "sacrilege," boys and girls? Anyway, we got to have breakfast with John's beautiful, young friend Sean, and that alone was worth the trip!) and Summerfest in Milwaukee (Robert Randolph and the Family Band tore up a side stage on July 4th!! All that skill, and he's a Mets fan, too.). Add the Men's Festival to that formula, and it could actually be a nice summer for a change...

I still can't believe a took a 30-minute walk along the bike trail in these bitch-heel (practically!) shoes!
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Anal-retentive behavior on the part of (music, film, etc.) festival volunteers sucks ass.

(This means you, Isthmus Jazz Festival, for shooing out people who had just sat down to wait for the next act just because the last act was just finishing up!). Who made retired (fill in the blank)s God?


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