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Just finished tiling the bathroom floor with John - started about 10:30 this morning with lunch and beer breaks in between. Much like with the paint, we ran out mortar just at the end (so one shelf tile remains unattached as of right now, with grouting to commence sometime tomorrow evening or Tuesday).

I wanna sleep right now...
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The walls on the bathroom, kitchen, and "family room" have been drywalled and base-coated finally! We painted the bathroom last night - a color called "Azure Mist" (Big ol' bone to pick with John for going to Sprawl-Mart to purchase it, BTW.) that looks a lot like plain-old sky blue to me. BTW, one can of latex paint no longer goes quite as far as it used to in one compact space, as we scrambled to get those last little dips and drops of paint on by the end...

Anyway, working up that sweat eventually led to the best night of sleep I've had this week, given the humidity and such ( Not having laundry blocking part of the AC filter helped, too.). As a result, I'm in a somewhat good mood this morning, helped further by an instant-message session with my sister, with news that my nephew is still in one piece over in Baghdad - Hope/pray/what that it stays that way, because it's an escalating hot-ass mess over there of late if what "news" I've been following is any indication.


May. 8th, 2007 08:50 pm
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The big ol' remodeling project that John had started on the house has hit the mother of all snags... the last couple of bills from the contractor have effectively sucked up the last of John's line of credit from the bank, as well as a bit of money from other (legal) sources that I won't mention here. He was in such a bad way when I got home today. asking me "What do you think? (and knowing full well he wasn't talking about what was for dinner).

I'm scared for him because he worked so hard to get the plans and money together for this (and he feels like it's falling so woefully short after putting it off for so many years), and scared because I want to get something together to help him out of this beyond what I've been doing for regular bills. (I might ask my mom, but we'll see...).

In other news, I'm back out walking again - trying to get my mind right about a bunch of things, and hopefully keep the weight down while I'm at it.
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Don't get involved in anyone's remodeling job in the dead of winter... trust me.
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Purchased iLife 05 and a Targus Podium Coolpad for my iBook at CompUSA today - I think I could learn to like not having to crouch down so much when I type.

Dave called (thankfully after "Desperate Housewives" was over), and we had a heart-reaching little talk about colds and home maintenance; basically, he feels like I do on the leaky roof situation - that something has to be done before too long, or else I should sell John on the idea of selling the house. Also, we agreed on the feeling that trying to do all that is necessary to get needs met is a trip!!


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