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Pilot error resulted in the first significant scratch on the Matrix at lunchtime today (pulled in too close to the curb in front of Exclusive Company on Madison's west side) ... Oh well!

While I was at Exclusive, picked up the new Kanye West CD and a CD by a chick named Leela James who has an "old soul" voice and then some (sweet cover of No Doubt's "Don't Speak"). Almost went to Target instead to get the CDs and a pedometer (per the recommendation of John S., with whom I had a productive impromptu chat last night regarding health matters)

We got a friend's old bed moved in over the weekend, complete with memory foam, and I have to admit that I'm starting to look forward to sleeping at night.
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One week with the Matrix, and I still dig it.
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After a week that began with nude bowling, then my car dying on me on consecutive days (The second time was enough for me!), and my diet changing up a little after an appointment with a dietician (Suddenly, the South Beach Diet doesn't sound so evil after all.), I needed something to feel good about.

Enter Chris Wright at Smart Motors in Madison (free plug!), and the deliciously red, smooth-riding (so far) Toyota Matrix XR he got me into this afternoon. Picking a car is rarely an easy thing, but John helped me out quite a bit too by helping me to do some research.
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Seven more days until my Men's Festival trip!
The mere writing of that first sentence has upped my mood considerably, as has the return of John's friend Susan to southwest Wisconsin, albeit temporarily (She's the sweet soul with whom John and I spent Memorial Day weekend on her new spread in North Carolina. She's taking care of some business related to the quickly-closing Wisconsin chapter of her life, and also visiting for a very special fireworks display this coming weekend in the nearby town of Rewey, Wisconsin.)

Got the refrigerant recharged for my car's air conditioner today, and got a moderate increase in the effectiveness - it seems the compressor might be on its last legs. Lovely.

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In the middle of cleaning out my car before I drop it off at the mechanic.The kind, gentle part ends here... )


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