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Call me old-fashioned, but this dispossessed African queen just prefers living in sin... Y'all in Canada, Cali and Mass. can have marriage!

(You have no clue how good that felt!)

That said, I do very much support efforts to have *our* relationships recognized under the letter of the law... just expect an honest, hostile answer from me when I give my opinion on the wholly separate subject of the mental institution of marriage.
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I often think that gay male "culture" has less to offer me as I get older (and a bit more dysfunction) - yet at the same time I want to grab hold of it that much more when it seems to disappoint me the most, since the alternative would be to place far more of my faith in "straight," blah society than I think is deserved.About to rant - don't take it personal, please... )
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In the middle of cleaning out my car before I drop it off at the mechanic.The kind, gentle part ends here... )
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Growing up with parents and other relatives who never really tried to bring anything other than conflict into each other's lives, I always automaticallyassumed that everybody else's circle of family and friends and such got along better. Living in a small town these past few years has brought more than a few challenges to that assumption, since most of John's and my friends seem to have segments of the community about whom they frequently have some less-than-pleasant things to say. John does it, too - after all, living in a place for 30 years produces those kind of relationships (and relationship breakdowns).

Last Saturday showed that "rule" and one of its numerous exceptions. The rule, in my estimation, was heading up to Spring Green with John for a graduation party for two of his nieces - one from eighth grade, one from high school. John's family always seemed like they got along... not robotically well, but well enough to ride some rough shit and still be able to be civil to each other, and anybody brought into the family. Friends and family all around, and (even though the food was real good this time) a good time was had by all who attended (It didn't hurt that there was a Cubs game on throughout, followed by a tape of a school play, "The Three-Piggy Opera," featuring the oldest of the Greenwood great-grandchildren as the Wolf.).

Contrast that with the Fire Department steak feed that evening back in Point. Things went well; we got our dinner and all. Some older lady came up to say hi to John; he said, "Hi, Gerda" and that would seem to have been nothing special. On the way back to the car, he told me who the woman was, and explained why he didn't want to introduce me (a cascade of personal beefs, some related to the theater group in town, some related to the woman's daughter and son-in-law; I only knew the son-in-law, and let's just say he doesn't think highly of John and me being a couple.). I asked him for some details (my inner gossip-hound!), and let's just say I got more than I asked for, as well as another excuse to ask John what it is about his circle of friends and their concentric circles that makes falling out with each other so damn easy.

I wonder what other rhetorical questions are still out there, just waiting for fools like me to act like they have real, concrete answers?
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Left a message for Mark this morning; I feel like a stinker that I let weeks go by between conversations with him - he's an awesome lover, and a generally good guy (even with the tendency toward paranoia - after all, we all go there sometimes). I just don't need a sermon on why I should consider changing my diet as drastically as he's been planning to.

Granted, I have given some consideration to trimming the meat intake somewhat. Vegan, however, is just not a place I want to go - I like steak and milkshakes too much for that! (Speaking of vegetables, we warmed up the sweet potato fries from the other night at Chandler's on the grill last night as a side. They were still awesome!)

Also, today would have been my father's 72nd birthday.  I couldn't stand how he did us kids (or my mom) sometimes, but I loved him, and I miss him.


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