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Reality... it escapes me much more often than I seem to be able to escape it.
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Seven more days until my Men's Festival trip!
The mere writing of that first sentence has upped my mood considerably, as has the return of John's friend Susan to southwest Wisconsin, albeit temporarily (She's the sweet soul with whom John and I spent Memorial Day weekend on her new spread in North Carolina. She's taking care of some business related to the quickly-closing Wisconsin chapter of her life, and also visiting for a very special fireworks display this coming weekend in the nearby town of Rewey, Wisconsin.)

Got the refrigerant recharged for my car's air conditioner today, and got a moderate increase in the effectiveness - it seems the compressor might be on its last legs. Lovely.

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When I got back from lunch, I think I may have walked into the middle of a conversation between my supervisor and the general manager that maybe I shouldn't have been present for. It may not have directly involved me at all, but let's just say it was a workplace subject that had me rattled at the mere mention.

But enough about that. John and I had some quite alright times (despite a couple of petty, loud arguments) at the Gay Pride March in Chicago (where they actually let the politicians march before the Dykes on Bikes - can you say "sacrilege," boys and girls? Anyway, we got to have breakfast with John's beautiful, young friend Sean, and that alone was worth the trip!) and Summerfest in Milwaukee (Robert Randolph and the Family Band tore up a side stage on July 4th!! All that skill, and he's a Mets fan, too.). Add the Men's Festival to that formula, and it could actually be a nice summer for a change...

I still can't believe a took a 30-minute walk along the bike trail in these bitch-heel (practically!) shoes!
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NBA break: I had Detroit in seven. It looks like I'm about to be wrong...(but enough about sports) )
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Reinstalled OS X Tiger last night, making sure to set the file system as OS X Extended this time (as some apps don't play well with Unix File System). So far, so good - I was able to load Stuffit Expander, and it hasn't stalled on startup.

Tried a new sleep mask last night - it was louder than the one I've been using, and the nasal pillows nearly tore my nostrils apart, but I seem to have slept no worse. John was very frisky this morning, and I kinda liked it.


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