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Enough about Rick Warren's crazy, petty ass already!

I'd much prefer to concentrate on the much gay-friendlier (OK, maybe overall-human-friendlier, given his long history) Christian minister giving the closing benediction of the U.S. presidential inaguration..

I look at it as akin to "Point/Counterpoint" from the early years of Saturday Night Live - "Rick, you ignorant slut."

Also, if enough of us are pissed like that, maybe it'll motivate some more work at the grassroots again on the subject of GLBTQ/etc. freedom as a whole ... not just a bullshit wedding ring.
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My, my, my...

(Thank you [ profile] arthole for bringing this to my attention...)
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One more day...

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Feel free to do what you like with this...

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Went to a town meeting in Dubuque (of all the places on Earth... no further comment on that.) session with Barack Obama today. I was impressed by his general forthrightness, and how practical he sounded in his answers to people's questions (and by his a stone hotness as well!!).

Afterward, John and I went looking for (and eventually found, with assistant from the cashier at St. Vinny's) an architectural-salvage warehouse near downtown that he'd been referred to by the Mineral Point Historic Zoning Commission for doors - didn't find a new front door, but we did find a Kohler sink that John had apparently been coveting for years...<>...for 15 dollars US, an easy 80 or 90 percent discount from what I've been able to price-check on Kohler's web site. John is happy (especially because *I* paid for it - pennies in the bucket compared to the big checks he's been giving Brad the contractor, but a help all the same since he can now PLAN the bathroom - and carried it to the cash register and to the car for him . BTW, my arms really are tired!), to say the least.


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